World Surgical Association

World Surgical Association

Mahiben Maruthappu

Which problem space interests you the most and why?

I am focused on the issues with global health: The burden of surgically correctable disease affects over seven-fold the number of HIV infected patients worldwide. However, despite this, it receives a fraction of the funding, support, and aid.

What is your venture? Why did you found it?

I started the World Surgical Association, a non-profit NGO that aims to improve surgical care in developing countries by introducing education programs and providing surgical equipment. I wanted to start an organization that would serve as an umbrella for other surgically-oriented charities in the field by fostering collaboration and streamlining resources.

How have you connected with other Kairos fellows?

At the Kairos Global Summit, I was able to establish a partnership between the World Surgical Association and Advocates for World Health, a like-minded medical-supplies charity. I have continued to connect with entrepreneurs from an eclectic range of disciplines and regions, which has allowed me to further grow WSA.

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