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The Young Entrepreneur Advantage


Riley Ennis, a member of the Kairos Society, an international student run organization of entrepreneurs and innovators from the top universities around the world, is working to develop partnerships between Kairos fellows and companies in science, mobile healthcare, and 3D printing, including Johnson & Johnson, GE, and 3D design software company Autodesk, to work through major barriers such as clinical trials. “When I started, I needed millions of dollars, patients, a whole process,” Ennis recalls. “Under a parent company, you get to check all those boxes and not worry about it.” His own biotech company, Immudicon, collaborates with research partners to develop new drugs and devices that aim to detect and treat cancer.

Meet The 22-Year-Old Inventor Helping Marketers Read Your Mind


NeuroSpire, with Jake Stauch at the helm, has developed software that lets companies scan brains to deliver better ads--and do it on the cheap.

Kairos Society and The World's Next Generation of New Billionaires


Many of my colleagues here at Forbes have written about the next generation of billionaires. For instance, Brian Solomon’s piece Nexus Summit Inspires Next Generation of Billionaires to Give Back reveals that many young entrepreneurs understand the importance of giving back to society. Natalie Robehmed wrote about Kairos Society, an invitation-only global community comprised of innovative collegiate entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and designers from around the world. Personally, I believe that the next generation of billionaires will be well connected and well educated. An invitation-only incubator like Kairos Society could be the launch platform for the world’s next billionaires, since it helps young people to turn dreams into business by providing an incredible network of mentors and fellow entrepreneurs.

A Police-Grade Booze Breathalyzer That Plugs Into Your Phone [Video]


To get drinkers to play it safe after a night out, three young entrepreneurs are banking on a police-grade breathalyzer that they call Alcohoot. The $99 device plugs into an iPhone and communicates with an app. After a gusty blow it logs and displays your blood alcohol content to within a hundredth of a percent. If you are above the legal limit, it helps you search for the nearest greasy spoon -- or a cab.

How This Tiny Plastic Box Could Help Humans Inhabit Other Planets [Video]


A new company called Infinity Aerospace is trying to undercut competitors by offering the same space in a plastic box, called ArduLab, for $2,000. The Ardu comes from the open-sourced, sensor-laden Arduino microcontroller included with the box to help pull off advanced experiments in microgravity.

30 Under 30

Inc. Magazine

Ankur Jain is the founder of the Kairos Society, a network of college entrepreneurs dedicated to changing the world through business. And socializing. Which is, in fact, business.

Kairos Society smoothes the road ahead

The National

Shakeel Avadhany and his friends were still students when they invented a shock absorber capable of converting kinetic energy created by bumps in the road into useable electricity.

Editors Letter: Organizing Principles

Inc. Magazine

An energetic young man by the name of Ankur Jain blew into the Inc. offices a couple of months ago to sell me on the idea of getting involved with the Kairos Society, an organization he launched three years ago.

Kairos Society Student Entrepreneurs Take Over NYSE Trading Floor

Huffington Post

Some of the world's most business-savvy college students flocked to Wall Street last Saturday to pitch startups they dreamt up in their college dorm rooms to top executives and political leaders. The Kairos Society, a networking group for student entrepreneurs, organized the expo...

These Barely Legal Entrepreneurs Are On Track To Become Tomorrows Global Business Leaders

Business Insider

This past weekend students of top institutions from around the world met to discuss global issues behind the doors of the United Nations. Roundtable forums on expanding access to higher education and clean drinking water, empowering women, and rebuilding economies through entrepreneurship...

Start a Company. Save the World.

The Wall Street Journal

On Friday evening, I had the opportunity to attend a dinner at the Rockefeller Estate in Westchester County for the Kairos Society, a networking group for student entrepreneurs.

Ten College Startups That Want to Change the World


Last weekend, I attended the Kairos Global Summit, held at the United Nations and the New York Stock Exchange, and had the opportunity to meet 50 incredibly cool, young startup founders. The Kairos Society was founded by 21-year-old Akur Jain, a senior at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton undergraduate program, and the son of Intelius CEO Naveen Jain.

Kairos Society: 350 Student Biz Whizzes to Pitch Execs, Talk Shop, Save World

Bloomberg Businessweek

Not-for-profit student entrepreneur networking group Kairos Society is holding its third annual Global Summit—meetings and breakout sessions with promising business founders and seasoned executives—on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26 at the United Nations and the New York Stock Exchange.

Why Being Unreasonable Pays Off


Lately, it seems that I'm surrounded by thoroughly unreasonable people. I started the day reading an except from Share Our Strength founder Billy Shore's upcoming book, The Imaginations of Unreasonable Men, posted on John Hopkins Carey Business School's website.

Into the Future with the Kairos Society


This weekend a horde of entrepreneurs and business leaders will lay siege to New York’s financial district as part of the Kairos Global Summit.Over the next 48 hours, 350 student entrepreneurs will mingle with high-profile mentors...

Young, Brilliant, Innovative



The Future of Entrepreneurship Looks Bright


Just a couple of months ago, I had never heard of The Kairos Society. However, I received an invitation from Kristen Santerian, president of the University of Pennsylvania chapter, to attend their annual summit and make some remarks about opportunities in emerging markets. So I did a little research. What I learned was amazing.

Kairos Society Helps Student Entrepreneurs Test Best Ideas for Startups


Hemant Sahal, a 22-year-old college student, said his idea for a business began with a bike ride through impoverished villages in his native northern India. There he met slum residents with skin-pigment disorders caused by metal pollutants in their drinking water. When he learned about metal absorption in a college chemistry course several years later, he said he envisioned mass-producing a small, sponge-like product to cheaply purify water.

Hey Obama, Where is the Startup Visa in the Startup America Plan?


Ankur Jain is the 20-year-old founder of the Kairos Society, a group that tries to discover the world leaders of the future and bring them together for support, mentoring and networking. He swung through San Francisco in between being named one of the partner organizations for President Obama’s Startup America initiative and the Kairos Society’s Global Summit in New York February 25-27, no doubt feeling as light and celebratory as this picture I found on his blog.

Multinational Startups: The Future Or A Doomed Idea?


In our second segment with Ankur Jain of the Kairos Society, we talk about the idea of multinational startups. A lot of startups like to say they are “global from day one,” but typically that’s just marketing.

Obama Gives Startups a Whole Lotta Love


Entrepreneurs are (finally) getting some serious love from the White House via a new initiative called the Startup America Partnership. Announced Monday morning, Startup America is actually 27 new private and public programs designed to spur innovation, jump-start new business creation, and ultimately generate jobs.

U.S. Chamber Expands Programs for Young Entrepreneurs

The Financial

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on January 31 announced a $1 million expansion of its K-12, college, and post-graduate entrepreneurship education efforts. The Chamber’s programs will bolster the private sector component of the White House’s new “Startup America” initiative, a national campaign to promote entrepreneurship.

Giving wings to the billion dollar dreams


What would a 10 year old ideally be interested in? Gaming, baseball, trekking? But Ankur Jain was different. He would make his way in his Segway into his dad’s office and spend his time there. No wonder, when by the time he reached the seventh grade, he could easily engage in conversations about stocks and stakes.

Seizing the Day


Given that the finance major's time-honored path to success via an internship at Goldman Sachs (or some other masters-of-the-universe incubator) has been considerably muddied, a group of ingenious students at the University of Pennsylvania has conspired to establish a society of collegiate entrepreneurs, and, in one short year, the group has gone from nationwide to global.

Society to nurture young entrepreneurs


The recent establishment of Kairos Society aims to foster UAE undergraduate entrepreneurial opportunities on a global scale

The Kairos 50 covered on TechCocktail


With the struggling economy and lack of jobs around the country, we are seeing a rise in student entrepreneurship. Apparently students today are not content with just trusting their luck at getting a job after graduation day. And as students take matters into their own hands, they are also organizing, forming clubs where they can learn and help each other.

Kairos Updates

Codeship Cruises into TechStars Boston

Kairos Regional

Kairos CEE Fellows and founders of Codeship have made their way to the US after being chosen to take part in TechStars Boston. Cofounder Moritz Plassing met Kairos Germany's regional president Miriam Neubauer at StartEurope, and after learning about the fellowship, the group knew that they needed to get involved. Says cofounder Manuel Weiss, "Our team thinks that any organization that aims to help people be entrepreneurs and that offers great possibilities for young entrepreneurs is fantastic. Especially because we know that young entrepreneurs might need a little help in the beginning." Codeship is happy to share its story and journey to success with the Kairos community.

Scaling the Scandinavian Startup Scene

Kairos Regional

"The world has recognized that we have something going- I have great confidence that it's good to be an entrepreneur in Denmark," explained Brian Gjerstrup at a Wednesday morning breakfast at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. The growth of CSE, part of the larger Copenhagen Business School, parallels that of entrepreneurship at large in Denmark. Danish students are looking to access new resources and opportunities, many of which are subsidized directly by the government to spur activity in the sector. As a result, Copenhagen could very well become the capital of the burgeoning Scandinavian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Kairos Bay Area Retreat

Kairos Regional

On January 25th, the Kairos Society Northern California region kicked off the new year with a retreat in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. The fellows packed into a cozy beach house where they began the evening with a few creative activities and breakout sessions designed to get everybody’s entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Kairos New York Regional Kickoff

Kairos Regional

On Sunday, February 3rd, the New York region held their kickoff event on the 76th floor of the Empire State Building. Fellows came together from many schools around the area, including NYU, Penn, Princeton, Yale, Rutgers, Syracuse, Yeshiva, CUNY, St. Johns, and more.

Kairos Society Hungary Hosts International Student Venture Competition

Kairos Regional

On November 30, 2012, Kairos Society Hungary organized an international student venture competition, bringing together more than 150 individuals from across the region. Students and mentors came together at Central European University, and Kairos welcomed representatives from respected organizations such as the Embassy of the United States...

Kairos and Verizon Team Up to Address Environmental Impacts

Kairos Society Partnership

On Monday, December 10th, Kairos Society partnered with Verizon and USC Schwarzenegger Institute to host a forum on small businesses and their environmental impact. Kairos fellows presented to Verizon executives as well as representatives from the California Small Business Association and the Los Angeles Business Council.

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