"If you could focus the next generation of entrepreneurs
on solving one problem, what would it be?"

We believe our world’s greatest challenges are opportunities to push humanity forward and forge a brighter future. This is why the world’s brightest young minds gather each year at the Kairos Global Summit alongside some of today’s most influential leaders. Since 2009, the Summit has helped young entrepreneurs grow over 100 innovative ventures, tackling problems in education, biotechnology, healthcare, and more.
These young entrepreneurs bring a clean lense and a diverse set of experiences, knowledge, and opportunities that, together, lay the foundation for disruptive new solutions. Combined with the insight of the experienced mentors and the technology platforms shared by some of the world’s most successful companies, these pioneers are positioned to start the next groundbreaking ventures that will change the world.

Past Attendees

Beth Comstock
CMO/EVP, General Electric
Phil Condit
Former CEO, Boeing
Duncan Niederauer
Ellen Kullman
CEO, Dupont
Peter Diamandis
CEO, X-Prize Foundation
David Patterson
Governor of New York
Admiral William Owens
Former Joint Chief of Staff

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