"I believe that in each generation, there are about 50,000 young
people who determine the future"

- Admiral Bill Owens, Former Vice Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff

These are the people we look for to join our Fellowship - the pioneers who are unafraid to challenge the status quo, and the innovators who are fueled by passion and determination. We are a global community of collegiate-aged emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, united by the Kairos Society mission: to tackle our world’s biggest problems through entrepreneurship and innovation.
Our interests are global – spread across sectors, challenges, and cultures. With the support of the top universities, mentors, and corporations across the globe, we work to break down barriers to get the leaders of tomorrow on the path to push humanity forward today.

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The Kairos Fellowship is both a global recognition and a lifelong journey. Our international community of fellows and mentors are on a constant mission to find the future pioneers who are already changing the world in their own unique way, and those who are on the path to do so. Nominated students are evaluated through a rigorous application process that ensures the fellowship represents the best and brightest of the next generations of entrepreneurs. A select few candidates are honored to represent their region and ultimately recognized as fellows.

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