Kairos partnership with i-Gate and Lawrence Livermore

Kairos Society is working with today's global companies and leaders on open innovation platforms to support our international fellows and create meaningful impact. Following this model, we are proud to announce a partnership with i-GATE and Lawrence Livermore National Labs. i-GATE, Innovation for Green Advanced Transportation Excellence, is a regional public-private partnership designed to support small businesses and maximize the economic potential of green transportation and clean-energy technologies. Lawrence Livermore National Labs is one of the nation’s largest government laboratory facilitates. It is recognized for its innovation in science and technology, ranging from genome sequencing to high performance computing. Sponsored by the Labs, i-GATE is uniquely positioned to implement programs that provide collaboration opportunities, entrepreneurial education and assistance, and business incubation for promising Kairos ventures.

Through i-GATE, Kairos Society is piloting its clean-tech incubation program with VIRES Corp, a Kairos Berkeley company. VIRES, Virtually Infinite Rotary Exponentiation, marks a new paradigm in transmission design. It utilizes a novel torque converter, kinetic energy recovery system, and revolutionary flywheel. This technology stores, recycles, and optimizes power for efficiency at high speeds and unprecedented torque at low speeds. VIRES employs new mechanical processes for several levels of intelligent energy usage and conservation. Kairos global fellow and VIRES Corp CEO Jordan Greene notes, “This partnership has allowed us to rapidly achieve a series of business and engineering milestones we couldn’t have otherwise reached in our fast-moving pursuits.” In the program, VIRES Corp has received incubation space, resources to develop their prototypes, mentorship from some of the country’s top senior scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and access to funding avenues.“Kairos Society's hands-on work and continual involvement has been a springboard for the maturation of VIRES Corp,” says CTO Harshil Goel.

Kairos is also working with i-GATE to explore technology transfer from the Lawrence Livermore National Labs and other lab partnerships in hopes of promoting opportunity for new venture generation. i-GATE CEO Rob White explains, “At i-GATE, our mission is to ignite the economy through technology transfer, entrepreneur development, startup support, and collaboration. The Kairos Society is a perfect partner in this endeavor because it allows us to pair the best emerging technologies with the best emerging entrepreneurs.”

Beginning with clean-tech, Kairos Society hopes to create a platform with i-GATE and Lawrence Livermore National Labs for the top student ventures to accelerate their impact. Says i-GATE VP Brandon Carwell, “The Kairos Society represents a tremendous pipeline of talented young entrepreneurs who are ready to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, and i-GATE is teaming with Kairos to help them meet those challenges with the best resources available.” Kairos hopes to open this opportunity to future high-impact ventures internationally and develop similar programs across sectors in our efforts to equip the leaders of tomorrow to start taking action today.

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